Isn’t it unnatural to use electric current on our bodies?

All of our bodily functions work by micro currents that the body naturally produces. EMS simply mimics the brain, sending electrical impulses to large and deep muscle groups, causing them to alternate between contraction and relaxation. To our muscles, whether impulses are sent from the brain or from an external source makes no difference. The same response is drawn: the muscles contract.

Are the currents safe for the body?

The micro currents used in EMS training are completely safe for the human body; there are no known adverse effects even for long-term use.

Does the EMS help increase muscle mass?

Yes! With the EMS you will achieve better results than in a regular gym; you’ll cover more muscles in less time - and all without risking damage to your joints or ligaments!

How often does the EMS need to be used to achieve the desired results?

One twenty-minute training session a week is enough to achieve minimum results. We do however recommend training 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes each time in order to achieve the maximum result.

I would like to achieve my desired results as quickly as possible. Can I train every day?

No! Recovery after a workout is no less important than the exercise itself. Because EMS impacts all muscle groups, you need to give your body a minimum of 48 hours to recover and 72 hours in cases where the load is greater.

How long do I need to work out before I get to see results?

You’ll be able to see your first results after 3-5 sessions. For that to be the case it’s really important that your sessions happen at the right frequency and intensity.

I can’t believe that only 20 minutes of training on the EMS can replace a 5- to 10-hour workout in a regular gym.

Many people have faced the same doubts; let’s get to the bottom of them! During training in a regular gym, an hour-long work out will cover 1-2 muscle groups (e.g. the chest),and as a rule, 4-5 exercises 3-4 times with small breaks. Using the EMS machine, all muscle groups are worked simultaneously (and there are more than 20 of them). This is almost impossible to achieve on a workout machine in a regular fitness center.

Can I get rid of cellulite using the EMS?

Yes, you can! Research by German scientists has shown that the EMS is highly effective in dealing with cellulite. It tightens connective tissue and reduces the size of the fat layer.

Do training sessions on the EMS affect the heart?

No. The machine generates specific electrical impulses that the heart is insulated from. The load on the heart when using the EMS is comparable to the load during a regular workout.

Is EMS only for fit, young people and gym junkies?

EMS training is suitable for people of all age groups and fitness levels, as long as they are in general good health. In fact, the absence of additional weights and high-impact or complicated movements make EMS workouts suitable for older users, too. Conditions that are incompatible with EMS training include: pacemaker use; implanted difibrilator; advanced arteriosclerosis; cancer; TB; pregnancy; hemophilia; hernia; diabetes mellitus; serious neurological illnesses (e.g. multiple sclerosis; Parkinson’s disease; epilepsy); fever; metal implants; lymph edema; acute arthritis. The skin must be free of inflammation (pus; scaling; itch)
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