Why choose EMS? Compare the facts! EMS Training Conventional Training
Time required to train 20 minutes only up to 90 minutes
Convenience & Time saving only 2x a week 5-6x a week
Dedicated skilled and experienced Personal Trainer included in your EMS Training an additional cost on top of your gym membership fee
Effectiveness of training comparing the time under tension (the time muscle is contracted during the EMS workout vs. an hour of weight training at the gym) up to 30x more efficient 1x
Calories burned as a result of training 500 Cal
within 4-6 hours up To 1200 Cal
within 24-48 hours up To 4000 Cal
Up To 400 Cal
Predicted maximum heart rate (depending on circumstances) 120-130 bpm 185 bpm
Expected visible results after multiple sessions Average Of 4-6 Training Sessions Average Of 15-25 Sessions
Weight and fat loss speed Up To 3x Faster 1x
Cellulite treatment during training Yes No
Improve metabolism Yes No
Regulating eating habits Yes No
Speed of strength improvement Up To 3x Faster 1x
Core and endurance training Always With Different Exercises
Compensation of muscular imbalances Yes Not Always
Deep muscle tissue growth speed Up To 5x Faster 1x
Muscle injury risk Very Low High
Back injury risk No High
Gentle on joints Yes No
Treatment of back and hips injury Yes Only With Physiologist
Assistance to the solution or prevention of orthopedic surgery Yes No
Aiding the recovery process of injuries Always Mostly Not
Improved incontinence Yes No